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Installation Services

Vinyl Installation — Carpet & Floor Installer in Garbutt, QLD

Floor Installation Services in Townsville


Flooring is one of the most important aspects of beautifying and personalising your home, apartment or business premises. Our team at Across Floors enjoy helping our clients in Townsville and surrounding communities to choose the ideal flooring solution.

We are happy to assist with colour, helping you choose the flooring style which will be the most practical and cost effective for your home, apartment or commercial premises.

At Across Floors we provide flooring solutions including plush, twist, loop carpets, carpet tiles, floating timber and vinyl and vinyl plank for our valued clients. Come in and visit our showroom so you can see and feel all the colours and textures of our huge range of flooring.

Installing Floors


Whether you choose to go with carpets, carpet tiles, floating floors, vinyl or vinyl plank, the way they are installed makes a huge difference to the aesthetics and longevity.

Our qualified installers take every care to make sure your flooring is installed correctly in your home, apartment, office or retail space.

Our Team Members at Across Floors are intensively trained. We conduct annual training sessions to update our employees on all new products in the marketplace and keep them up to date with the latest techniques in flooring installation.

We pride ourselves on our service and workmanship.
Office Vinyl — Carpet & Floor Installer in Garbutt, QLD

Beauty and Longevity


When Across Floors installs a floor at your home or business, we aim to please. Your floors will look incredible from the moment they are installed and they will deliver the longevity you are looking for. Your floors will last for the long term when we carry out the installation for you.

The reason our installation is superior is due to Across Floors using the highest quality materials, when we say you are getting a high-quality product and superior installation, that's exactly what we deliver.

We use the most up to date equipment, whether it's installing carpet, timber, vinyl or vinyl plank, the latest machinery is used to ensure it's completed flawlessly, resulting in your floors being laid quickly and expertly.

Whether you need a new floor installed in your home, apartment, office building, restaurant, medical centre, sporting facility or school, Across Floors can complete your installation with professionalism and efficiency.