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Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tile in Bedroom — Carpet & Floor Installer in Garbutt, QLD Brown Vinyl — Carpet & Floor Installer in Garbutt, QLD

Carpet Tile Floor Installations in Townsville


If you want to enjoy the comfort and style of carpeting at your home or business, along with easier repairability, then you will be delighted with the carpet tile options offered by Across Floors.

There are significant advantages of using carpet tiles compared to regular carpeting, especially if you are looking for longevity and style.

Carpet tiles look stylish and chic when compared to regular carpeting, they are easy and cost effective to repair. If carpet is damaged, it is necessary to replace the entire room, with carpet tiles one tile can be lifted and replaced with a new tile. In an office where there are computer installations or other equipment attached to the floor, carpet tiles are a much easier option as there is no down time.

Carpet Tile Production


Carpet tiles are made in a unique way. The carpet broadloom is cut and then backed with 0.25 thick PVC or Cushion backing. The process delivers greater longevity to the carpet tiles because the yarns are bound to the backing. It provides a better durability compared to regular jute, used on carpet.

One of the issues with carpet tiles is that poorly manufactured products do not deliver the same performance as the high-end varieties. If you're a commercial client looking for carpet tiles for your business, talk to us at Across Floors in the Townsville area for high quality carpet tile supply and installation.

We specialise in carpet tile installations, maintenance and repairs. Our relationships with local and Australia-wide suppliers mean we always have access to the highest quality carpet tiles, regardless of the style and colours you are looking for. When you shop at Across Floors you are always getting the best.
Carpet Tile in Playroom — Carpet & Floor Installer in Garbutt, QLD Brown Vinyl — Carpet & Floor Installer in Garbutt, QLD

Carpet Tile Performance


Carpet tiles are a fantastic option for commercial clients in Townsville. They add a unique and very professional look, the comfort of the carpet design is combined with vinyl to deliver a high-end appearance that lasts for many years.

Modular carpet tiles are also very durable. Thanks to the vinyl that is bound to the yarn of the carpet it is possible to get decades of use from carpet tiles - even in high foot traffic areas. If you own an office building, medical centre or similar building you will benefit from installing carpet tiles.

Carpet Tile Maintenance


When you have carpet tiles installed by an expert like Across Floors, you will get optimal performance and aesthetics for years to come. The major advantage of carpet tiles is that they will look just as sleek and modern in ten years as they do the day they're installed at your location.

Preventative maintenance is about all that is required to make sure your carpet tiles remain flawless for years. Maintenance includes regular vacuuming, spot removal of stains as soon as they appear and routine cleaning with solvents or solutions.

Consult Across Floors for all your carpet tile needs in Townsville today.