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Floating Timber

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Floating Timber Floors in Townsville



Floating Timber Floors


We have an extensive range of floating timber flooring, to suit Townsville and outer areas, we use the latest and highest quality timber materials coupled with installation techniques to ensure your floor looks gorgeous and retains its style for decades to come.

A floating timber floor is any floor that has not been nailed, glued or otherwise attached to a subfloor. Floating floors are fitted in place over the existing floor. You can lay a floating timber floor over tiles, concrete, plywood, real timber floorboards or particleboard. The only requirement is that the floor is a hard surface and is level.

Floating timber floors are installed on an underlay that provides noise insulation. The floating flooring is a slice of timber pressed onto a base board and installed by a click system, so the floor floats on top of the sub floor.

Floating timber floors can be very economical, especially when you compare them to the cost of real structural timber floors. It's cheaper to buy the materials and you save on installation as they are so quick to install and come prefinished, saving time and money.

Floating timber floors are an excellent way to introduce the natural beauty of timber into your home.

Aesthetic Beauty and Longevity


Floating floors are very similar to regular timber floors, especially in appearance. To the untrained eye you wouldn't know whether the floor is a floating timber or a regular timber floor.

You will also benefit from the fast installation carried out by the experts at Across Floors. Given the installation is completed using a snap and lock technique, it's a simple and fast process.

We make sure your floor looks flawless before we leave after finishing the job and we offer a full guarantee on our work.